All things chicken


My husband and I purchased Rhode Island sexlink hens over 6 months ago, he built them a transportable chicken coop so we could move them throughout the yard. They have worked very hard at giving us some of the best soil to grow some of the nicest vegetables. Currently we have summer yellow squash growing out of our ears. We let the girls roam in the backyard all day and put them in the coop at night. Needless to say we have an egg hunt in our backyard daily.

Our squash came from just a few seeds and has now been a side dish to EVERY meal.

Tomorrow night we will have yellow squash corn soup which I will blog about the following day. I made this soup yesterday as I find soups always taste better a day or two after they are made.

Having chickens is easy and a lot of fun. There is an amazing feeling you get when you know where your food comes from, right out the back door…..

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