The True Story of a Girl, a Boot Camp, and a Sheriffs Dept. Fitness Test

Will call the girl Ms. D, a participant of the fitfoodiemccoy boot camp.

*This is not the true Ms. D, this is her rottweiler.

 Ms. D is a lovely young lady with passion and determination. Her true identity will not be revealed but her accomplishments and hard work will be. Ms. D has been a participant of my weekly fitfoodiemccoy boot camps for several months. Up until a couple of months ago she followed a passion of hers and applied for the Travis County sheriffs dept. She came to me during boot camp and told me there would be a fitness exam and if could I work with her during boot camp to get her ready for this exam. Every week I set up the boot camp obstacle course to replicate what she would be testing for with the sheriff’s department. Below is the 2 minute and 45 sec timed Sheriffs fitness exam.

  • 200 Yard Run
  • Jump Over 6 hurdles ranging from 6″ to 4′
  • Walk across a balance beam
  • Drag a 150Ib dummy
  • Run through a serpentine wall
  • Run through a simulated sandpit
  • Run through a series of heavy bags
  • Crawl under a 3′ obstacle
  • Climb over a chain link fence

 The obstacle course and training I put her through was with ropes to hurdle and crawl under, cones for agility training, and hoops to jump through for the endurance portion. I also worked with her on increasing her strength, endurance, and stamina to get her through the rest of the exam. On her own time Ms. D ran daily and practiced the strength training I taught her to continue building her endurance.

On the day of the test she had 2 min and 45 sec to complete the timed fitness exam. She not only wiped the floor of all the other men and women but she knocked it out in 2 min and PASSED!! The fitfoodiemccoy boot camp obstacle courses were a challenge, especially with summer in full swing and working out in 95-100 degree weather. All the other participants followed her along in the obstacle courses while she was training. These fitfoodiemccoy boot campers are bound and determined to accomplish the goals they set their mind to.

The next time you’re “thinking” of coming to boot camp. Just think about Ms. D and that hard work does pay off.

Who will be the next Ms. D?

Join us every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:15pm in the Riverside Meadows neighborhood.

Affordable, challenging, and fun!


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