It’s a Number’s Thing


During the month of June we had a contest at the FIT FOODIE MCCOY Boot Camp held in my neighborhood every week. The contest was to see who could lose the most inches. At the end of May I took measurements of everyone’s hips and waist. Those that came to at least 2 of the 3 weekly Boot Camps were eligible to participate in the contest. We did a number of different exercises for every level. On the days when the weather was not dangerously hot we focused on getting our heart rate up through cardio and high impact endurance exercises. On the days when I felt the heat was a danger to most we focused on core conditioning, strength training, a little cardio for each person to take at their pace along with bi-weekly laps at a nearby pool.

I have many determined ladies in my boot camp, with 4 of them who were extremely focused on this contest. All of them making it to boot camp twice a week and working through the summer heat. When inch in time came we had very impressive results, with 3 of the 4 woman all losing 1-2 inches on their waist and hips. The 4th lady being the  BIGGEST INCH LOOSER and taking the cake (the calorie free kind).

Her name is Ms. T and she started the FIT FOODIE MCCOY boot camp back in April. Ms. T  has been at every Tuesday and Thursday boot camp, determined to work hard no matter what the climate might have been. Ms. T also recently started the weight watchers program. With watching what she ate and exercising regularly Ms. T lost 4.5 inches on the waist and 2.5 inches on the hips. PRETTY IMPRESSIVE!!!!!!! This is proof that focusing on what you eat with a combination of hard exercise weekly, you CAN and WILL see the results you want. Ms. T took the deluxe prize basket home.

In keeping with our new tradition we will have many more boot camp contests and stories from our FIT FOOODIE MCCOY boot camp. Contests and stories that will keep all of those involved or thinking of becoming a part of the camp motivated. With Ms. T and her accomplishment from the FIT FOODIE MCCOY boot camp, who out there will be the next Ms. T????

More information on dates and times of Riverside Meadows Neighborhood Boot Camp or if you would like to start this community boot camp in your neighborhood please email Dana McCoy,

Certified Personal Trainer, AFAA

Certified Group Instructor, Fit Tour

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