What’s on Your Sandwich Board?

Skinny Veggie Sandwich

One skinny sandwich with big ingredients, incorporating a local artisans product and a local farm fresh veggie.

As many of you know I am a local food broker by day and personal trainer by night. I represent many amazing artisans that make the most delicious products in town. Today my lunch incorporated……Ararat Mid-East Fusion.

Ararat makes the most amazing and unique hummus you will find in Austin’s local markets.

Southwest hummus

Green Goddess hummus

Chipotle Mint hummus

Lemon Garlic hummus

Jalapeno Curry hummus

Serrano Mint hummus

You can find most of these flavors at the following stores: Fresh Plus Grocery, Fresh Plus Grocery 2, Thoms market, Brodie Park Market, and Whip In. With more stores in the works. She not only makes hummus but many other Mid-East fusion foods and baked goods that can be found at the above stores along with Hyde Park market, Strangebrew coffee house, Sarah’s TX Pantry and Callahans general store. This growing artisan is always busy making and delivering the freshest of products.

Today I decided to feature her GREEN GODDESS HUMMUS on my sandwich board. I am also using tomatoes that I picked up at Springdale Farm stand yesterday.

This sandwhich is completely vegetarian and packed with flavor!

What you need:

Flat bread sandwich

Ararat green goddess hummus (or any of Ararat’s other flavors)

orange bell pepper




cheese (I used Jarlsberg)

First marinate the sliced cucumbers and tomatoes in  BV, red wine vinegar, and a little extra virgin o.o, S&P. Stir those around and let them sit while you spread your hummus on one side of the bread, add your thinly sliced orange bell pepper, thinly sliced cheese, your marinated cucumber, tomatoes, and top with a few spinach leaves. DONE! This can also be done the night before to pack for work. I made a few extra cucumbers and tomatoes to munch on next to my sandwich. Easy, delicious, and healthy!

What’s on your sandwich board?



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