Locally Sauced up Texas Szechuan Slider

Texas Szechuan Pulled Pork Sliders

This slider was a lot of fun to make and even more fun to eat. Since pulled pork is not the healthiest part of the pig to eat, I saved this one for the weekend and made a very healthy cole slaw to add to the dish.

What you need:

*Pork shoulder

*Texas Szechuan Sauces from PROPER SAUCES BY ZAY, EAST meets WEST

Proper Sauces by Zay, East meets West can be found at: Fresh Plus Grocery, Live Oak Market, Sarah’s Texas Pantry, Brodie Park Market, Johnny G’s Market, The Market at Steiner Ranch, Tears of Joy, Manchak Food Mart

*Ciabatta rolls




*1 lemon

*Non-fat Greek Yogurt.

What to do:

The Pork shoulder was my husbands department. He lathered the pork shoulder with onion powder, S&P, and regular mustard. He then placed it on the grill for 6-7 hours. Keep in mind pork shoulder on the grill is difficult and times may vary.

Once the pork was completed we let it rest before pulling it apart. At that point I used 1/2 cup of Texas Szechuan Proper Sauces by Zay and mixed it in with the pork.



 While warming the ciabatta buns I mixed together:

1 cup of shredded carrots 

2 cups of cabbage 

1/2 cup of diced strawberry figs found at the farmers market

 juice of one lemon


 1 heaping table-spoon of non-fat Greek yogurt

 Mixed it all together

 For assembly I placed the pork on the ciabatta bun and topped with the cole slaw. The cole slaw cool’s off your mouth from the spicy Texas Szechuan sauce that I lathered all over the pork. This is a delicious and easy summer meal using locally sourced ingredients.


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