A salad with a twist…


Bored with your traditional dinner salad?

 Change it up and you will wow your family!

Last night we grilled salmon with a pesto rub with homemade pesto made with our backyard basil and we needed a side that would off set the richness of the salmon and the aroma the pesto provides.

I had some day old bread and lovely tomatoes that needed to be eaten. I added in a few more veggies and all of a sudden we had a delicious, and healthy gourmet side dish.

What you need:

Day old bread




Parmesan cheese

Mozzarella cheese


Extra Virgin O.O

White truffle oil ( locally sourced from a Yum Runnerz artisan;


Start with cubing your day old bread and sprinkle the bread with white truffle oil, next steam your asparagus until they are al-dente and pull them out to slice into 2 inches. Thinly slice your tomatoes, and cucumber. Place your asparagus, tomato, and cucumber in a bowl. In a separate bowl take equal parts Extra virgin olive oil and BV and mix well (measure how much dressing based on how much salad you are making). Mix in some S&P. Stir the veggies with the dressing and sprinkle a little parmesan cheese and shredded mozzarella cheese. Just before serving, toast your cubed day old bread. Once toasted mix very lightly into the salad and serve.

*This salad can be done with any type of vegetable you have.

Enjoy, this wonderful light side dish to any meal!


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