Kick in Your Pants Szechuan Style


East meets West Texas Szechuan Stir-fry


Back to school and we are all little busy bees, but we cannot forget to make a nice yummy meal for the family. This is a very easy meal that can be made under 20 minutes and has the nutrition we all need to feed our bodies.

This one however will come with a disclosure being that it is spicy HOT HOT HOT!! However you can use some more milder flavors. East meets West is a local Austin sauce company. They Make 3 very unique sauces that can be used for just about anything. Last night we used Texas Szechuan the hottest of the three. You can easily make this recipe with any of the flavors.

What you need:

Brown Rice

Beef or Chicken

Fresh cut veggies:

I used; Green bell pepper, bamboo shoots, carrots, celery, and green onion.

Texas Szechuan since I used beef, this is a darker sauce.

Cook your brown rice first, then in your wok or pan saute the veggies until al dente, throw in your meat or if you want to go meatless you would toss in your sauce at this point. Once you have cooked veggies al dente toss in your sauce while the meat is cooking. For the Texas Szechuan I used about 1/2 c of sauce. Stir everything together and serve over your cooked brown rice.

On the side I added sliced fruit, any fruit will do. I found some Pluots’s at the store which is a hybrid of a plumcot and a plum.

East meets West can be found at:

Fresh Plus Grocery

Live Oak Market

Sarahs TX Pantry

Brodie Park Market

Johnny G’s Meat Market

The Market at Steiner Ranch

Tears of Joy Hot sauce shop

Manchak Food Mart



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