Pancake Breakfast

Breakfast in the A.M.

We all love pancakes but they can be pretty bad for you and sink like a ship in your stomach leaving you feeling bloated. The next time you’re at the market pick up the whole wheat pancake mix. Whole wheat pancakes do taste different but once you spruce them up with fruit they will leave you wanting more, along with sustaining your energy throughout your day.

Last Sunday we loaded them down with blueberries and topped them with bananas. Topping them with REAL MAPLE SYRUP, trash the junk that is fake and loaded down with HFCS. If you don’t have blueberries try peaches, strawberries, apples or blackberries.

Eventually your goal should be to slowly incorporate all whole wheat foods into your diet, eliminating the white flours in your house. Soon you won’t even miss them, especially since you will feel better, look better, and have long-lasting energy.

Enjoy your pancake breakfast, I know I will!

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