It’s been awhile…….

Nolan Lowry McCoy

11/17/2011, 9:07am

7Ibs 13.8oz

I realize the fitfoodiemccoy blog has been on hold, and with good reason………

Nolan has kept us very busy and what a joy he has been. He will be 3 weeks tomorrow and as most of you know I am slowly recovering from an emergency c-section. With that being said I have had to have a serious talk with myself about slowing down and healing since the doctor will not let me workout for 8 weeks!!!! As you all know I am very active and hate sitting around. I am more than ready to get up and burn a sweat to lose  my baby weight. While breast-feeding you must keep up a healthy diet and eat 300-500 more calories a day to help your body continue to produce more milk. I have had a hard time allowing myself to take in more calories than I am exerting. You can see my dilemma and as a fit foodie it has been hard to understand all of this, but I must listen to my doctor for my health and for Nolan’s.

I try to get out and walk a few blocks each day and as soon as the doc. gives me the green light I will be hitting the mats and burning a sweat. Thankfully I ate very healthy and exercised all through my pregnancy. At the end of the pregnancy I had gained a total of 26Ibs with 15Ibs of that already gone. Leaving me with a goal to lose 11Ibs getting me back to my pre-baby weight.

 Until my workout challenges begin I will continue to  prepare foods that are not only delicious but plentiful for any fit foodie to bring to the table this season. Continue to follow this blog while I prepare and suggest delicious meals that will carry any fit foodie through the holidays. Food that is great for your mind, body, and soul.

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