My mama’s holiday festive SOUP!

Simply Soup…..

 While my mom was in town she made a zucchini soup that was amazing. This soup is easy to make, delicious to eat, and festive to serve.

What you need:

 6 medium fresh zucchini

 two stalks celery

 vegetable stock

sabzi ash from middle east market  (a dried mixture of leek, cilantro, parsley, and spinach)

garlic cloves

four triangles of laughing cow cheese


Throw all of the vegetables diced up into a soup pot with vegetable stock  and simmer until all vegetables are soft enough to puree. Throw in a couple of tablespoons of sabzi ash and  add some garlic cloves. Puree everything and when it is smooth add your four triangles of laughing cow cheese and stir until melted,  add salt and pepper.

Two options to garnish the soup; in the picture above you will notice I sprinkled goat cheese, delicious! The second option is to roast a bell pepper and puree the bell pepper. Then swirl the bell pepper into the soup giving it that extra festive look. You could do both, a sprinkle of goat cheese and a swirl of roasted red pepper.

 Enjoy this simple, delicious, and nutritious soup!

Merry Christmas!

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