Roasted Vegetable Stackers



Another Flavorful Meatless Monday

You can do this easy Meatless Monday with any roasted vegetable you desire. I would stick with three otherwise you will have a leaning tower of Pisa. I used Eggplant, zucchini and tomatoes; seasonal veggies. The key is to find a really nice low-fat ricotta cheese to layer in between each roasted vegetable.

Below you can see the pattern of eggplant on the bottom, ricotta, tomato, ricotta, zucchini, ricotta, then topped with eggplant.


For the sauce I was reusing leftover tomato and basil soup that I made on Sunday. Super easy; saute garlic, tomato, chicken broth, and LOT’S of basil. Puree in a food processor and toss back in your pot.

What you need for the Vegetable Stackers:

Any vegetable of your choice that’s easy to roast and stack. Stick with three.

Tomato sauce

Low fat Ricotta cheese

Mozzarella cheese.

Start with slicing your veggie’s and drizzle olive oil and a little med. sea salt. Roast at 350 for 20 minutes or until cooked to your liking.

Pour a little of you sauce on the bottom of the dish then start the stacking process; veggie 1 tbsp ricotta, veggie, 1 tbsp ricotta, so on so forth until you are happy with the stack of greatness!

Finish with more sauce on top and a little mozzarella, bake with a foil tent at 350 for 20 or until all of the cheese is nicely melted.


How can you not want this every night?

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