This is delicious, light, and GLUTEN FREE!!!!!!!!

The only tedious part is the meat balls but really that went pretty fast.

What you need:

Two spaghetti squash

1 pound of lean ground beef

1 celery stalk

1/2 C diced red bell pepper

1 C of spinach


1/2 white onion

1/2 C of bread crumbs or  crushed up corn flakes (GF version)

1 egg white

3 cans of diced tomatoes or a pound of fresh tomatoes

1 can of tomato paste


Dried Italian herbs

First start by turning your oven to 350, cut the squash in half and lay open side down on your baking tray. This will bake for about 30-40 min, or until the squash easily pulls away from the shell.

Next, start with dicing your onion and garlic (as much garlic as you want!) and saute in your pan until they have both sweated.


While the onion and garlic is cooking put your tomatoes or diced tomatoes in a food processor to puree. Pour the tomato sauce and tomato paste in with the garlic and onion that have sweated. Sprinkle in your dried herbs.


In a bowl put in your bread crumbs (or corn flakes), diced bell pepper, garlic, diced celery, spinach 1 egg white, herbs, S&P, and your ground beef. Mix these all and roll into meat balls. Place them in the oven with the spaghetti squash. This is the part that will take some time in the oven. Plan for about 20-30 min.

IMG_6466  IMG_6468

When the meatballs are cooked place them in the sauce and let them simmer for another 20 minutes.


This meal would be perfect for a weekend or when the kids are home to help. They can help you with rolling the meatballs, puree the tomatoes or pulling the spaghetti squash away from the shell (this part is the most fun).

Get the kids involved in any way you can. Adding all of the pretty veggies in the meatballs not only makes it colorful but is a good way to get fresh veggies in your kids. If you make more than needed it freezes well too.



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