Super Juice


If any of you are like me you would rather eat your calories than drink them. I am scared to death of soda, juices, and sugary drinks. Quit frankly if I am going to take in my 25g of sugar I would rather it be on chocolate cake, ice cream, wine or beer.

My son is at the age where juice may be introduced. However have you ever looked at the amount of juice in a Capri sun or any other juice box on the shelves? Some of those contain up to 12g of sugar in one drink! Children above the age of 4 should only be taking in 12.5g a DAY!!! Those are empty calories, our children need real calories to help them grow strong and healthy.

Sugar from whole fruits is perfectly fine and loaded with vitamins. What works for us in our home and can work for all of you, if you have fresh or frozen fruit (make sure there is not any added sugar on the frozen), a blender and water. On the weekends or when you have 5 min, take some fresh fruit and blend it with a little water. If you need to add more water to dilute that is fine. It will freeze and you can get creative and make popsicles in the summertime. Easy as that!

Some variations:

Pear, mango, tofu, water

Mango, banana, orange, water

spinach, banana, water

Orange, greek yogurt, water====CREAMSICLE!

Blueberries, banana, kale, water

Strawberries, orange, water

peaches and water

The list goes on, you can get as creative as you would like. You can add tofu, greek yogurt or milk for extra calcium and protein or just the fruit and veggies alone!

In my picture above I made two variations, my son loved them both. The green machine is orange, spinach and water. The one next to it is pear, mango, tofu, and water.

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