Bring You Back to Life Lunch!

This Lunch/Dinner is packed with so much nutrition, flavor, and clean eating. Takes you 5 minutes to assemble if you have pre made the main ingredients. Your second wind should definitely arrive once this is eaten. This is an EASY power lunch or dinner that will sustain you throughout the day and night.


What you need:

Sweet Potatoes





Pre-heat oven to 375, cut sweet potato in half, sprinkle a little olive oil and place on your baking sheet face down.

Cook you Quinoa on stove top or rice cooker.

If you have grilled your chicken the weekend prior or still need to cook your chicken, try baking it in the oven with a little lemon juice, salt and pepper, bake them along with your sweet potatoes.

Dice you carrots and zucchini and saute in a pan. Then once your chicken has baked and is cool enough to shred, toss it in with your sautéed veggies, add you quinoa and mix everything together.

 Once your sweet potatoes have cooled smoosh the potato to the side making a little canal to scoop in your quinoa mixture.

The key to this meal is to make the main parts ahead. If this is your power lunch to bring you back to life for the rest of the afternoon, then on a Sunday bake a bunch of sweet potato and chicken in the oven or on your grill while you are doing your weekend bbq. You can even cook a huge batch of quinoa and keep to snack on or as a side for dinner and lunches. By making them ahead of time it will make this power lunch/dinner easy to prepare on the fly!

Messy but yummy!


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