Pork Asparagus Wraps


These bad boys are so good and really easy to do.

What you need:


Thin cut pork cutlets

Sweet Potato


Parmesan Cheese

First start by warming your oven up to 325, then wash and snap the ends of your asparagus. Grab a few asparagus and wrap 1 or 2 of the pork cutlets around the asparagus and close them off with a tooth pick. Place in your oven and bake 10-15 min.


While the pork is cooking, wash and peel your sweet potato and apple, cut them into even chucks and boil in water. Once these are done cooking mash them with a little cinnamon and Greek yogurt.


Place your cooked pork wrapped asparagus on top of your mash and shred some parmesan cheese. YUMMY!!!!

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