No Excuse Fat Burner

We don’t have very much downtime these days; from running the children off to school, getting ourselves to work on time, cooking, cleaning, and yard work. However there should never be an excuse for not getting a quick workout in. Why not maximize your time, we all end the evening with sitting in front of the television to watch something to help us unwind. I for one hate commercials, maybe you watch them. Use these commercials to your advantage. Commercials on average last 2-3 minutes. The following is a workout you can do anywhere and in front of anything……

images (1)

First commercial break:

10 push ups

25 jumping jacks

12 push ups

20 mountain climbers

14 push ups

15 squat jumps

25 crunches

Second commercial break:

25 jack knives

20 plank jumps

30 bicycle crunches

15 sec jog in place, knees as high as you can get them

35 double crunches

Third commercial break:

25 plie lunges

30 sec knee highs

45 sec hold stationary squat

25 sec stationary squat side to side jumps

30 plie lunges

20 sec knee highs

1 min hold stationary squat

Last commercial break:

Challange yourself to hold plank……


Have fun, get active!!!!

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