30 Minute Gourmet Pork


30 minutes is all it takes for this yummy dinner. It will taste and look like you were in the kitchen all day long. Make this for tonight and enjoy all the yummy, sweet and sour flavors this pork dish offers.

What you need:
Pork chops
Red skin potatoes
Green beans
3 different bell pepper, red, orange, and yellow
1 apple
1/4 cup of chicken broth
1/4 cup cherry balsamic (can be purchased through yumrunnerz.com, email fitfoodiemccoy@gmail.com).
1 tbsp bacon jam
Pinch of pepper

Start chopping your garlic and slicing your peppers and apple. Start cooking these and once these are nice and al dente add your chicken broth, cherry balsamic and bacon jam. Add your chops and put a lid on to allow them to simmer.
Next, prep your red skin potatoes by washing, keep the skins on and boil in water. While those are boiling, prep your green beans to steam. Once the potaoes are cooked mash with low fat Greek yogurt and low fat milk, salt and pepper. At this time your pork should be finished and so should your green beans.
Plate up!

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