Mediterranean Savory Sandwich


Since my kitchen is undergoing a remodel I had to get creative for this past Meatless Monday. I wanted to make things easy on us but keep up with meatless Monday. This was easy to make, full of flavor and messy to eat. Combining all of these yummy ingredients and mixing with pasta, quinoa, or make into a sub sandwhich which is what we did, will be yummy guaranteed!

What you need:
Diced baby bella mushrooms
Diced onion
Diced garlic
Diced tomato
Diced poblano peppers
Artichoke hearts
2 tablespoon capers
Handful of kalmata olives
Mozzorella cheese
Whole wheat sub sandwhich bread
Sundried tomato vin, can be purchased through

Saute ingredients in a cast iron with 2 tablespoon of sundried tomato vin. Once finished hollow out the sub sandwich, stuff into the sub, place cheese on top and stick in the broiler. DONE!



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