My Version of Rajma

My husband and I love Indian food. Last meatless Monday we decided to make out own version of the delicious vegetarian rajma dish.

What you need:
Dry or can of Kidney Beans
Dry or can of Garbanzo beans
Tomato paste
Yellow curry powder
Serves 4 people

If you cook the beans from scratch you will only need 1 cup of each bean. I typically make beans from scratch on the weekend when I have more time. I freeze several containers for meals during the week. I am able to control the salt when I make the beans from scratch.

Start with dicing you carrot, onion, celery and sautee those together.


Once those are some what cooked, add your beans, tomato paste, and spices. Add these spices to your liking. l left out cayenne pepper since we have a 20 month old that probably would not be able to handle it. Allow to simmer together for 5-10minutes.
We made brown rice and added peas and corn to the brown rice and placed the Rajma on top. I made a side of yogurt dip. This is a mixture of non-fat Greek yogurt, cucumber, salt and pepper. You will also see a side of Palak Paneer. I totally cheated on this one, Sprouts had Palak Paneer in the freezer section and I could not resist. However I did notice our HEB is now selling Paneer. I am going to need to make my own Palak since WE LOVE IT!!!!



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