Make Your Own Lunch Meat

I’m done, simply stated I AM DONE buying lunch meat. Especially after how easy it was today to make my own. Not to mention all the crap that goes into our deli meats, sodium nitrate, sodium nitrite, BHT, BHA, citric acid, corn syrup, gelatin, modified food starch, MSG, the list goes on depending on the “meat.” Do we even know how these chemical react inside of our bodies? I will go ahead and answer that for you, NO!

Okay so this can easily be done with any cut of meat; organic, no preservative, hormone and antibiotic free. Just the animal. Chicken breast, Turkey breast, roast beef, pork tenderloin……..
If you can give your family 20 minutes, then you will have a supply of meat that anyone in the family can grab and go with.

Today’s deli cut:


What I did in 4 easy steps:
1. Stuff tops of chicken breast with sliced garlic, make tiny slices on top to slide garlic into.
2. Coated with olive oil, and seasoned.
3. Turn oven to 375 bake until cooked through.
4. Slice thin.


My seasoned chicken breasts were, garlic/paprika, oregano/basil, and pepper/onion/garlic. Get creative, take the time to make, freeze ahead and eat CLEAN!


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