This week has been a little different and off routine. With it being my week off from my series boot camps, I took on potty training my 21 month old. Not being able to make our usual morning trip to the YMCA for my workout and Nolan’s play time, along with training clients all week, working on continuing education, studying for my test in 3 weeks and writing workouts. Let’s just say time has been extremely valuable!!!!! All of you other working mom’s out there are probably saying the same thing, “I need 1 more hour in the day!!!!” Good news folks, you don’t! Please just give yourself 30 minutes.
This tabata style workout that I am going to share with you requires only 30 minutes of your time, no equipment and a small space! Everyone has 30 extra minutes. Make it happen, get off the couch, wake up 30 minutes earlier, or go to bed 30 minutes later. 30 minutes, that is all you need for this gigantic fat burning session!!!!!!

20 seconds each with a 10 second break in between….

Mountain climber
Jack stance
Frog squat
Sumo speed squat
Push ups, chest to floor. Quality not quantity

Repeat 8 times

1 min weighted full sit up
1 min weighted Russian twist
1 min straight leg lift

Good luck!!!

Who is up for a TABATA TUESDAY at my house. Evening time, 30 minutes?????

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