Homemade Bread, Pizza Crust and Pasta!!!!!

I freak out with all of the unwanted, strange, I can’t pronounce the ingredients in food. Being a stay at home working mother it is really hard to find time to balance everything. Lately I have been making something new every weekend. I have been pretty surprised at how easy it is to make certain things from scratch, to be honest I am a little mad at myself for waiting so long to make the following…….

Homemade Whole Wheat Bread



Link to recipe:

Pizza Crust



Link to recipe:



Link to recipe:

Okay, so here was the issue with the pasta.
A. We did not roll the pasta out thin enough, so it was a little thick.
B. This recipe called to use egg yolks only, I have found many other recipes that have called for the entire egg. The next time we make pasta I will try a different recipe and blog it. I still wanted to share this one cause it was amazing!

Try making one thing from scratch next weekend. I promise it is easy and a much cleaner way of eating. Share with me if you decide to make the following or something else. I think I may tackle a granola bar next…..

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