Killer Legs….

With me taking a week off from work that means all of my clients are without their trainer…..

They could be jumping up and down with joy or at a loss of what to do for a week. Have no fear this killer leg exercise which can be done in one room, driveway, back patio or garage will have you cursing/thanking me.

These are to be done in 3/30’s. If you train with me, then you know what that means…..

Warm up

Out and in squat jumps
Weighted plie pulse crunch

Squat jumps
Weighted plie crunch

Jack stance
Hammy curl with ball

Squat spins
Hammy curl with ball

Wide stance knee highs
Sumo squat

Lunge mountain climbers
Sumo squat

Burpee tuck jump
Ski squats

2 hoop hop/ side squat hops
Ski squats

Cool Down.

Great job guys, cannot wait to see you in a week!

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