This is what I call a KISS workout…… KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID!

4 Side leg slap jumping jacks
12 push up
6 side leg slap jumping jacks
10 push up
8 side leg slap jumping jacks
8 push up
10 side leg slap jumping jack
6 push up
12 side leg slap jumping jack
4 push up

12 full sit up
4 russian twist
10 full sit up
6 russian twist
8 full sit up
8 russian twist
6 full sit up
10 russian twist
4 full sit up
12 russian twist

10 plank jumps
20 second modified plank
12 plank jumps
30 second modified plank
14 plank jumps
45 second modified plank
16 plank jump
60 second modified plank
18 plank jump

20 jack knife
8 mountain climber
18 jack knife
10 mountain climber
16 jack knife
12 mountain climber
14 jack knife
14 mountain climber
12 jack knife
16 mountain climber
10 jack knife

30 second shuffle from one end of your room to the other
30 second full oblique sit ups
Repeat this 3 times.

Done, that is simple!!! Things you all know how to do and you CAN do.

*side note, if you are not able to do anything on your forearms. Please substitute with something like jack stance, wide stance knee highs, squat hops, tuck jumps, etc, etc something that gets your heart rate up OR have fun with some core. Repeat the core I gave you or something I have taught you in the past….

Have fun!!!

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