Thursday FUN!

I hope you stayed active yesterday! I was at the zoo all day so I did not have a chance to write you a workout, however I know you all got by just fine, especially if you workout with me regularly….


30 seconds, repeat three times
Front lunge jumps
Back lung steps
Squat spins
Side lunges
Speed sumo squats
180 squat jumps
Plie side crunches
Lateral burpees

Abs, 1 min
Ab sprawl or sprinter
Tri kicks
Side plank crunches or hold side plank 30 seconds

30 seconds repeat 3 times
360 plank jump
Jack knife
Inch work

Abs 1 min
Plank twist
Full sit up

5 min knee highs in place, taking a 30 second break after every 30 seconds BUT making sure you stop the clock on break to get the full 5 minutes of knee highs in.


Walk, speed walk, jog, or sprint your neighborhood for 10 minutes.

See you soon!

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