Why YOU are NOT Seeing Results…

You may have a normal workout routine that you follow daily and or weekly. Get up.throw workout clothes on.drive to gym.take long zombie walk from car.repeat. You start your workout with a walk on the treadmill, maybe you get a little crazy and run, then you might do a few bicep curls and a couple of sit ups. Maybe this is you in the morning or after work. Regardless of when, you are getting frustrated because you are NOT seeing results.
One solution my friends. Fitness confusion! We’ve all heard of muscle confusion, however nobody ever talks about how important fitness confusion is, not only for your mind, your muscles and your goals. Step out of your comfort zone and try a class at the gym, a new machine, google an exercise ORRRRRR take a BOOT CAMP!
In order to see results you must challenge your mind and your muscles. Giving yourself a personal challenge actually makes you work harder, thus building new muscle and finally seeing those results you have been looking for. If you find yourself taking that zombie walk from your car to the gym, then it is time for you to seek out fitness confusion.
I have worked with many clients who have come to me needing to see results after their routine failed them. When they joined my boot camp or worked with me one-on-one they accomplished their biggest goal yet. Stepping out of that comfort zone, challenging themselves and having PROVEN results!
My NEW boot camp series starts DECEMBER 2nd. This is a quick and short Holiday series, 3 weeks of 30 minute fat burning workouts twice a week, Monday and Wednesday from 6:30pm-7:00pm. This opportunity affords you the time to not only get in shape but keep up with the Holiday craziness, only making that New Years resolution and goal a little more attainable.
Sign up at fitfoodiemccoy@gmail.com

Happy Holidays!

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