Holiday Fit Tips

Tis the season for the crazies to come out, in you or in the people around you. Trying not to let these emotions ruin your Holiday spirit is a tough one!
Focusing on small goals throughout this season will keep you from obsessing over things that make you crazy and will help you get through some of the hard parts of the season.

Holiday fit tips for your mind, body and soul…..
1. Park in the farthest spot in the parking lot, burning extra calories when you can adds up!
2. Eat small portions, salad plate can be your main course plate.
3. Don’t go back for seconds!!!!!
4. Get lot’s of rest
5. DRINK LOT’S OF WATER! For every alcoholic beverage you drink, drink one glass of water. This helps you stay well hydrated, keeping you from feeling like a hot mess the next day.
6. Try a new fitness class or you tube a yoga session. Trying something new is a great way of rebooting yourself and exercise can help balance the emotions of the seasons.
7. Walk everywhere!
8. Drop and give me 20! Pick one of your favorite exercises and stop whatever you are doing and give yourself 20 reps.
9. Love harder
10. Laugh longer

Happy Holidays!

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