Sleep and Your Waistline


Sleep, we all wish we could get more of this right? If I told you that you could and if you did your wasitline could potentially descrease, read on….

If you are one to stay awake between 10:00pm and 4:00am you most likely take in a few extra calories. According to a study from the University of Pennsylvania people ate an average of 553 more calories when they were kept awake until the early morning.

*When you are tired you eat more in the morning. Sleep deprivation prompts you to eat more by boosting ghrelin, a hormone that stimulates your appetite.

*Without those zzz’s, your brain is more likely to act impulsively and choose high-calorie foods, which leads to your body becoming hard wired to crave the junk foods. According to a research out of the University of California, Berkeley, the part of your brain used for complex decision-making is impaired and the part that controls desire is amplified. Just think of all the other decisions you must make on a daily basis, wow!

*Lack of sleep may cause our bodies to secrete a molecule called 2-AG, which strokes hunger, accodring to a research from University of Chicago and the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee. Participants had higher levels of the molecule after getting 4.5 hours of sleep then allowed to sleep 8.5 hours. These levels peaked in the afternoon, when most snack cravings kick in.

So, how do you get more sleep?

Well, start with that device that you have in your hand that you are reading this blog from.

*Taking your device to bed can continue to stimulate your brain, throwing your melatonin levels all out of wack. Either turn it face down if you use the alarm feature, the other alternative is not allow it in your bedroom.
*Take the t.v OUT of your bedroom or simply turn it off an hour before bedtime, another way of throwing those melatonin levels off!
*Drink some chamomile tea
*Read an actual book
*Eat dinner earlier
*No sugar at night

Try some of these and see if your sleep improves. There is nothing on facebook or twitter more important than keeping you from getting those 8 hours of sleep. Remember becoming a fitfoodie means getting the appropriate amount of sleep.

AFFA certified personal trainer

*fun sleep facts found in eating well magazine

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