5 Benefits of Exercising in the Cold


I saw this article on Mind, Body, Green about the 5 benefits of exercising in the cold when you are freezing your ass of, I thought I would share. We can all agree that this has been a very cold winter, and if you’re from California you can suck it! (sorry mom)

5 Benefits of Cold Weather Workouts:

1. You burn more calories. 

This is probably the best and most popular perk. Because your body is working harder, your metabolism revs up and your body burns more calories and fat to produce energy for your workout.

2. Your endurance performance increases. 

By challenging yourself in the cold weather, you are strengthening your heart, lungs and circulatory system, thereby improving your overall health.

3. Working out in the winter can help fight SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). 

Being outside and taking in more sun during the daylight hours helps keep your mind sharp and relieves depression as well as increasing your body’s manufacturing of vitamin D.

4. Exercise can help to boost feel good endorphins which elevate your mood and make you happier! 

The cold stimulates your parasympathetic system. (The sympathetic system is known as the “fight or flight” response while the parasympathetic is known as the “relax and renew” system). These endorphins can trigger the release of dopamine and serotonin, neurotransmitters that keep us happy, feeling good and ease depression.

5. It’s invigorating, exciting and energizing. 

This is my personal favorite benefit of cold weather exercising. There’s nothing like adding that rosy glow to your cheeks after an intense outdoor winter workout.

Now, with all that being said. Two things to wrap up in this blog.

A. Come out and join my fitness series! I guarantee you will have fun and experience the above. I play fun music, we have great conversation and good jokes that we all pass around. My next series is Feb 17th, just for mom’s. If you’re a mom and going stir crazy from all of these “snow days”, come out and join. This series focus will be toning and tightening those mommy muscles. You may accidentally lose some weight and inches, especially if you cook from the recipes we will all exchange every Monday. Sign up at fitfoodiemccoy@gmail.com

B. I can tell California to suck it, cause I am a natural-born Cali girl and I really miss my flip-flops right now! XOXO Cali

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