My Travel Workout


This past weekend my husband, Nolan and I drove to East Texas to visit family. The first two days we spent at Lake O the Pines and the last day in Longview. I took advantage of the amazing weather and my surroundings and made the time to get a couple of workouts in.

My Lake O the Pines workout:
30 sec of everything
Plank lateral leg taps
Push ups
Frog squats
Sit ups
Plank jumps
Body squats
Bench jumps
Russian twists
Up and over
Tri dip
Frong lunge pulse
Push up
Other leg front lunge
Out and in crunches
Romanian squats
Tri drips
Romanian squats
Russian twists
Step up with leg kick
Tri dip
Step up other leg kick
Out and in squats
Walking lunges
7 min of yoga poses (your choice)
My husbands Granny has this great balcony that looks out at the Lake, I had to do this workout outside. My husband joined and did his own workout and it was very relaxing.

My Longview workout:
Ran my husbands Grandfathers beautiful neighborhood several times. Again another beautiful balcony, so after my run I practiced 30 min of yoga. You can easily do anything on a balcony, repeat the above workout or get out and run! This is why I love exercising while traveling, you see so much more when you get out and hit the pavement!

On your next trip while you catch yourself planning where you will eat, look into the local parks and or outdoor venues and plan your vacation workout, its alot easier than you think. Plus if you indulge a little on your trip, you won’t feel so bad and Monday back in the gym, won’t hurt so bad.

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