What’s for Lunch?


When I walked into my kitchen today, full of men working on the finishing touches of our kitchen remodel #2. Yes, 2 in less than a year. We had water damage just a few short months after the first remodel. Anyhow, I walked in thinking, “gosh I’m hungry.” Problem is my stove, sink and counters are unavailable.
I gazed into space for a few and then grabbed the closest things available. Avocado, can of tuna, green bell pepper and some homemade whole wheat bread I had scratch made prior to all of today’s excitment. I found a tiny square of space on my kitchen table that had not been covered and began to chop my bell pepper, mash my avocado and apologizing in spanish to the workers about the smell (I had just opened a can of tuna).
I brought the finished product to my office and began to do some work, surely not thinking how delicious this accidental lunch would turn out. The next time you are in a pinch or know you will be in a pinch, be sure you have these following ingredients close by:

1 avocado
1 can of tuna
1 green bell pepper
Whole wheat bread (optional) message me for my scratch made recipe.

Mix all ingredients and enjoy!

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