What is FFIT?


To answer your question FFIT is FIT FOODIE INTERVAL TRAINING. Yes, I realize this blog post is a shameless plug for my FFIT series. However, I do want to share with you the importance of INTERVAL TRAINING…..

5 reasons YOU should incorporate interval training in your workout routine.

1. You don’t need alot of time
20-30 is all you need
2. You burn more calories
The more intense you exercise the more calories you burn
3. You increase you aerobic capacity
Allowing yourself shorter recovery time, will help increase your aerobic capacity
4. Boredem will become a thing of the past
Keeping the intervals short allows for you to continue to change the exercise
5. You don’t need all of that fancy equipment
Body weight, body weight, body weight!!!!

Come out and join my next series and learn how to become FFIT!!


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