DeLITEful Pasta Dish


This was so yummy and took all of 20 minutes. It would make any beginner cook look like a master chef!

What you need:
3 cups of whole wheat pasta, we used rotini
1 jar or marinara sauce, low salt and sodium (I recently blogged about how much sodium and salt should be in jars of pasta)
1 bunch of asparagus
3 turkey Italian sausage
1 half red onion
Garlic, duh!

In your pan heat up your chopped garlic, sliced onion and add in your sliced turkey sausage(I use scissors to cut them). Let those cook together for about 5 min on high. While they are cooking, chop your asparagus. After you are done chopping asparagus toss those in with everything and add your pasta sauce. Cook everything on low, start the water for your pasta.


After your water has boiled, spoon your pasta out and into the pan with everything….


Viola, you have a DeLITEful pasta dish.


Our little helper made a salad….




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