This Time I Was the Boot Camper!


This past Saturday the YMCA where I workout was offering a free boot camp. I decided to take it since A. I was so over planning and writing workouts for the week. 2. I wanted to “shop” another instructor. 3. I was ready to be the boot camper for once!

I write workouts for 1-1 clients, group clients, and for myself DAILY. There is alot of planning that goes into training another person and planning your own workouts each day. In order to see success you have to PLAN!
I like to take classes every so often so that I can learn from other instructors, what to do and/or what not to do. You learn alot from always being a student. Friday mornings I take a yoga/bodyflow class to just help unwind from the week, but for Saturday I wanted an intense workout that I didn’t have to plan, I just wanted to be the boot camper.

Taking this boot camp reminded me why I am employed. It was so nice to get a great workout in and not have to think, plan, write or any of the above. I guess I take myself for granted as a trainer. Trainers are so important, they are your planners, your coaches, your spotters, your friends, your therapists……They help YOU see success!
I know I have mentioned this before, but if you’re ever in a position where you’ve hit a wall in planning your workouts. I can help you, I have super affordable rates for not only 1-1 training but for my personalized written workouts. The only way to succeed with your fitness goals is by having a plan and even trainers need that extra help.

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