5 Minute Dinner


Remember when I showed you all of those yummies that we grilled on Sunday in the last blog? Well, this is another meal made with those delicious grilled items. This literally took 5 min. because we planned ahead and cooked a bunch of stuff at once. Most of you know that I train clients daily, the evenings are the busiest. We still manage to have a meal together each night so I need to make something that is easy and healthy. This one was delicious and packed with nutrition.

What you need:
Grilled veggies(we used grilled onion, mushroom, red bell pepper and asparagus)
Flat roll up’s (found these at costco, but whole wheat tortillas or whole wheat sandwhich bread would work.)
1 avocado
2 tbsp hummus
2 tbsp feta cheese


1. Lay the roll up flat
2. Mix your avicado and hummus together and spread
3. Sprinkle your feta cheese


4. Place your grilled veggies on top and roll


5. Enjoy with a side salad if you wish.
This salad was delicious in flavor:


Pickled beets
Balsamic dressing

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