Memorial Day Workout


I know it was yesterday but I couldn’t share this workout until my group got in their priority butt kick and butt kick they got! I even did the workout today and man that shit was HARD!
This sort of real boot camp style workout was a tough one. We may not have had tires to flip, ropes to climb or backpacks of equipment to crawl through mud with. We did have barbells, sandbags, and our own bodyweight to workout with. Yesterdays butt kick of a workout was a way for us to experience a teeny tiny tiny bit of what a real boot camp is like.

Here it is:
Warm up:
Shuffles 1 min
Hold ankles 45 sec
Repeat 3 times

1 min
Knee highs
Increase the knees going higher
1 min shoulder jumping jacks
30 sec drop for push up

Repeat 3 times

30 sec
Lateral mountain climber
Regular mountain climber
Full sit up

Repat 3 times

30 sec
Burpee chest drop
Supine bench press alternating oblique full sit up
Sand bag Squats

Repeat 3 times

30 sec
Dumbell swings
Dumbell clean and press
Shoulder sandbag run, 2 min

Repeat 3 times

30 sec
Army crawl up and down mat
Butt kick
Drop for plank jump

Repeat 3 times

30 sec
Shoulder tap plank
Toe touch out and in crunches
Up down plank

Thank you to all of the men and woman who risk their lives every single day for our freedom.


One thought on “Memorial Day Workout

  1. Pam Bishop says:

    Thanks Dana. Having a great time. Did one Zumba class so far and went through the Yoga DVD you gave me. Walking a mile to black rock this morning to snorkel so I’m being active!! Feel better in my swimsuit since working with you!! Pam

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