Kid Friendly, Muscle Happy, FFIT approved SNACK!!!!!


This gets the kids in the kitchen, the muscles revved up and the FFIT approval for tasty, flavorful, delicious and easy to make. Store it in the fridge to have on hand all week!

Peanut Butter Oatmeal Power Snacks

What you need:
1 cup of all natural peanut butter
1/2 cup of maple syrup
1 cup of raw oats
1/3 cup of raisins
1/4 cup of chopped walnuts

Mix all of these ingredients into a bowl, allow to sit in in the fridge for 30 min and then roll them into balls and store in a container or bag with wax.


Nolan loves these little things!!

One thought on “Kid Friendly, Muscle Happy, FFIT approved SNACK!!!!!

  1. Henderson says:

    like the new pillow….oh, and the kid!! 1/2 c. of maple syrup!!!! had a fun day traipsing around downtown. the bus gets me from the car wash on clairemont drive to the downtown jail (!) in 10 minutes. i went to my discournt clothing store, then to horton plaza to buy some lead-free, bad stuff free lipstick at the body shop. then to a bar in the kimpton palomar hotel near the grant hotel to watch the soccer match between mexico and brazil. i was the only customer and had lunch there, a pint of st. archer blonde and watched the game with three mexican servers and one brazilian. tough when you have to work and can watch an entire world cup match. then i walked over to first and ash, caught the 50 express bus and was back in clairemont in a short 10 minutes. steph called today….amber’s nearly in love with a guy she met on match. call me and i’ll fill you in! m

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