My Afternoon QUICKIE!

Today Nolan decided he wasn’t going to nap on cue like he does so perfectly every other day. In fact he thought it would be cute to walk out to the front while I was training a client, wearing his cowboy hat saying, “mama poopoo!” Yeah, you try juggling burpees and poopoo!!!
When he finally did fall asleep, I still had work to do. On a normal Tuesday we meet My husband at the gym, workout, and then I leave to go and train my group. Well, that is clearly not happening tody. In fact as I write this, he is still napping. Sooooo, instead I got my quickie on!

Jumping jack
Front Lunge
Sumo squats

Frog squat
Curtsy taps
Box jumps

Plank jump jack
Skater lunge
Weighted squats

Groucho walks
Curtsy taps
Weighted plie pulse, one leg elevated

Weighted walking lunge
Plie pulse
Skater lunge

Full jack knife
Hamstring curl with stability ball
Weighted russian twist

The end.

One thought on “My Afternoon QUICKIE!

  1. Pam Bishop says:

    Hey Dana,

    Just got back about 30 min ago from my Dallas meeting, I decided I wasn’t needed at tomorrow’s meeting SO – can I come Wednesday and Thursday instead of Thursday and Friday? My boss is coming to town Friday and we’re supposed to have lunch, and I am here tomorrow.

    Let me know if that will work!!



    Pam Bishop CFO/Executive Director 1st Eye Care, Inc. 512-388-2057 972-529-0888 (cell) 512-388-4843 (fax)

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