Quickest Lasagna on Planet Earth!


Don’t you hate it when you have an uneven amount of lasagna noodles left in the box? Problem solved, dinner served! This is the easiest thing in the world, its flavorful and MEATLESS!!! You can add meat if you want to but we try and eat one meatless meal a week.

What you need:
Random lasagna noodles
3 of your favorite veggies:
(This is what we used)
You can roast the veggies or saute them in a pan.
I jar of marinara sauce
1 slice of mozzerella cheese
Garlic, always garlic

First, start with boiling your pasta water.
Next, dice your three veggies and saute or roast.
Once your water has started boiling, break your noodles into 1 inch width pieces and drop into the boiling water.
Next, add your marinara to the veggies.
Finally, once the pasta has finished cooking, drain and place your pasta in a bowl. Pour the marinara and veggies over your pasta and add your cheese slice.

Yum yum!


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