My 3 Day Interval Workouts

The world is my gym, no matter where I am I make sure to incorporate some activity. This week my son and I are visiting my parents in San Diego. With limited time I have made sure to head out and around the area I grew up in. My workouts were only 30 min with a 7 min warm-up and 7 min cool down.

Day 1:

1.5 mile run with 3/30 interval every quarter mile.

3/30 interval
Curb jump squats
Out and in crunches

Walking lunges
Push up

Russian twists
Sumo Squats

Tri dips
Stationary squats

Day 2:

Run to local park, find some baseball bleachers and or park bench/picnic table.

Run around 2 baseball fields twice with 3/30 intervals after each run around.

4/30 (4 rounds at 30 sec)
Push up
Full straight leg sit up, hands behind head
Bulgarian squats
Russian Twist

Tri dip
Plie squats

Sprint up and down a hill or sprint 30 sec. Two rounds with 3/30 in between.

Sumo squats
Side plank pulse
Curtsy jumps

Sumo squats
Clap jacks
Spiderman push up

Day 3:

Find a hill. 30 second intervals.

Run hill.
Top hill: 30 second lunge jump
Run down hill.
Bottom hill: 30 second curtsy taps

Run hill.
Top hill: push up
Run down hill.
Bottom hill: tri dip

Run hill.
Top hill: out and in squats
Run down hill.
Bottom hill: curb squat spins

Run hill.
Top hill: out and in crunches
Run down hill.
Bottom hill: side plank crunches

Repeat twice. End with 1 minute walking lunges

Day 4:
YOGA!!!!!! Perhaps I will skirt off to the beach and practice in the sand…

The funny thing is my parents grabbed a 3 day free pass to their gym. However, I am in the gym daily so I figured why not take advantage of cooler weather and workout outside.

Try these workouts, early morning or evening. They are quick FFIT’s for fat burning fun!

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