Checker Upper Checkin Up…

So…How is the leg challenge going??? What’s that I hear, your palm slapping your forehead, a couple of “crap, I forgots!!???” I won’t lie, yesterday was Day 12 for me and we were so busy painting that I did not do it. Not because I forgot, let’s call it willfull forgetting. I felt this wave of guilt and disinterest for today to begin knowing I had to do Day 12 and 13 together AND my normal workout!
Did you know in the matter of time it took me to toast my bread and eat half of a banana I completed my 55 back lunges. So rather than slapping your forehead with you palm and yelling a couple of, “crap, I forgot’s!” Get creative, just to get them done. Then when I ask you if you did them, then there is no excuse. I did my iphone i.o.s update, made toast, ate a banana, dressed an almost 3 year old (lord knows that is a workout in itself) and put myself together all the while squating, back lunging, bulgarianing(made-up word), curtsying and plieing all the way to the finish line for the day!

Happy legs everybody,

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