Live a Stress Free Day, TODAY!

This morning I stopped and smelled the roses, literally. Many times in this social media, go-getter, hustling and competitive society we forget about those damn good smelling roses. Lately I’ve been practing alot more yoga than usual, could it be that my almost 3 yr old has become a 3 yr old? Every mother knows what that means. For me its a constant battle to balance being a wife, business owner and mother, some days often get to me. I’m sure you can all relate, one way or another.
I’ve had a few experiences this year that have taught me some valuable life lessons. I’ve learned that it’s impossible to be all things to all people, in fact it’s unhealthy to spread yourself so thin that you’ve forgotten about the most important person, you. What Yoga has taught me and up until recently, I listened. Live in the NOW. Yoga teaches that you are fully loved, you are fully able, how to be free from the past just enough so that you can actively choose your future, helping teach individual awareness of this interconnection and human consciousness and the societies we have created. In turn this teaches you how to become more aware of what you are currently doing and taking focus of that current task. It helps teach you the balance of life and how to handle only what you can handle. Choosing the people in your life that you want to be all things to and allowing the rest to reside.
Let’s go back to those roses and this crazy connected lifestyle we all find ourselved wrapped up in. Have you ever noticed that the more connected you are the more stressful you become? Have you ever just said to yourself, I am going to eat this lunch witout texting, FB posting, itstagraming or whatever you do to stay connected. I am going to taste every bite I put into my mouth. Disconnect yourself and taste your lunch today!
Stress can lead to high blood pressure, headaches, diabetes, heart problems, ashma, skin conditions, arthritis, depression and anxiety. In fact almost 90% of doctors visits are stress related. An emotional disorder is more than 50%, often to due to chrocic, untreated reactions to stress. 43% of adults suffer adverse health affects from stress.
Now that you know these facts and what stress can do, treat yourself to that rose on the side of the street, smell it, look at it and take the moment to live in the NOW. Refocus your energy on what is important and STOP trying to be all things to all people.

A few small steps to a GIANT stress free life:
1. Put a device down.
2. Do 1 thing at a time
3. Pet your animal, with nothing else in your hand
4. Exercise. Make at least 10-20 min a day to do some kind of activity.
5. Have a social media free Sunday
6. Read a book
7. Take a bath
8. Cook a meal
9. Play toys or a game with a child or grandchild
10. Call someone rather then text them. This way you focus on just them.

Practice the great balance of being in the NOW today and see how you feel tomorrow.


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