Hara Hachi Bu

Eat until you are 80% full is what the Japanese practice, Hara Hachi Bu.

Raise your hand if you are tired of gimmiks? ✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋
I realize losing weight is hard, I understand. You are changing your lifestyle, everything you were raised on, knew and enjoyed has to change. Does it? Well yes, to a certain degree if you want to acheive success. Will this change happen over night? NO!
As a trainer I cannot tell you how many times I am asked about diet A or diet B or product A or product B. I hate trends, gimmicks and products that promise you, you’ll get to your goal faster. There is no fast way of losing weight, well actually there is but guess what happens when you lose it the fast way? IT COMES BACK and guess what? It comes back with A FEW EXTRA FRIENDS, called extra pounds.
Losing weight and keeping the weight off is a lifestyle change. Forming a habit can take about 90 days, be patient with yourself. After those 90 days you will start to see changes in your life, changes that will feel the same as putting pants on in the morning.
80% of it is diet,the rest is hard work. Actually, I saw something recently from a client of mine that is even more true. 80% diet, 10% hard work, 10% genetics. Why would you want to try a weight loss product/fad/trend…when you know there’s an end to this “diet plan”, then what do you do? EXACTLY! You don’t know because that diet plan had you drinking one shake a day or eating all low-fat foods or no carbs, or or or. This is the part where you gain all that weight back and then some, cause the diet’s over, you lost the weight but you DIDN’T learn how to change your lifestyle! In my early 20’s I weighed 145, that was my biggest (except when I was pregnant). I never dieted, I never followed a weight loss plan. Today I weigh 127 with 17-18% BF. What was my secret?

HARA HACHI BU=I ate till I was 80% full. SMALL PORTIONS!
EAT CLEAN=as many whole foods and as little unproccessed foods
EAT LEAN=complex carbs, lean protein, unsat. fats
TRAIN MEAN=exercise, get your heart rate up to your fat burn zone
ENJOY LIFE=small portions and moderation.

HARA HACHI BU, see what happens when you eat 80%. Bet you will be fine. Bet you won’t really go to bed hungry. Losing weight is a math equation, CALORIES IN-CALORIES BURNED=CALORIE DEFICIT. Doing this the right way by practicing HARA HACHI BU, EATING CLEAN, LEAN and TRAINING MEAN will get you not only to your goal but a new you, a new lifestyle that you can maintain with your everyday life. Moderation of treats and small protions of foods is a way of daily living not a fad, not a gimick and not a diet, it is a LIFESTYLE!

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