How to Eat and NOT Gain this Thanksgiving

The Holiday’s are here and with that comes added stress, emotions, and crazy days. I haven’t even mentioned all the yummy foods your neighbors, co-workers, clients, friends and family all share with you. Then you have Thanksgiving dinner and some families have multiple Thanksgiving dinners. Then comes Christmas and before you know it the pants are tight.
Starting NOW, starting Thursday give yourself a gift you can be thankful for all year round. Learn about portion distortion and teach yourself how to eat smaller portions, regardless of the season or the occasion. Small portions=smaller butt, smaller stomach, and a healthier you inside and out. I want you to not only enjoy the yummy treats but I want you to enjoy in moderation and in smaller portions. The following is guide on what to eat and how to eat this Thanksgiving.

The above picture is an example of a lighter way of cooking your Thanksgiving dinner. I know that we all have traditional family recipes. If you choose to stick to the family recipes then please consider this next chart as a guide to get you through the dinner.


And finally this next guide is a few FFIT tips on a Thanksgiving dinner plate.

A few family fun FFIT tips for Thanksgiving:
1. Family hike
2. Family bike ride
3. Family run
4. Kick a ball around
5. Family walk

Enjoy the day with your loved ones and please whatever you do stay away from the temptation of black Friday. Stay in and enjoy your family time and the the things you already have.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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