DIETS DON’T WORK! Lifestyle Changes DO!


I have said this time and time again, diets DO NOT WORK! Diet shakes, bars, prepacked small portion dinners might help you loose a couple of pounds, but then when you start eating again it all comes back. Changing the way we think about food, look at food, use food and fitness will help you loose the weight FOREVER!

2 resolutions to a stronger and healthier NEW YOU!

Thinking of food, looking at food and using food:
Currently you probably eat to feed the beast, fill a void, or solve a problem. Continuing on this path will make you become an overweight beast, never fill a void and create more problems for you.
Thinking of food:
Ask yourself, Am I really hungry? Drink a glass of water, then ask the question again. The food I am about to eat, how is it nutritiously beneficial? Does it have natural fiber, real and natural frucose, is it a lean and complex protein, whole grain, real fat, complex carbohydrate?? If you answered YES to more than one of these, then most likely it is real food, you gave it thought before diving in.
Looking at food:
The portion sizes we receive at restaurants, no wonder we have the highest obesity rates in this Country. STOP eating everything in sight and STOP being a part of the clean plate club, its not a fun club to be a part of. Ask for a box as soon as you order your dinner and cut it in half. Eat off of a salad plate and make veggies the main course and the meat and starch a side dish.
Using food:
This follows with thinking of food. Eat only the food that you can use to your benefit. Real fat for energy, apple and all natural peanut butter. Kick the processed food out, your body can’t use that for energy, its not real food! Look at everything you put in your body and ask it, “what are you going to do for me?” Finally, try a new veggie once a week, just pick it up and toss it in the cart. Google a clean and lean recipe and have fun with the adventure of a new food!

Did you hear that? I did. You grunted and ran for the hills. Exercise does not have to be a chore. Think of it like a game, almost a dare. Dare yourself to do something different and active each day.
Day 1: Make a plan. Write down 4 of your favorite exercises and repeat them for 30 seconds for the next 30 min.
Day 2: Walk your dog, or yourself.
Day 3: Grocery shopping? Okay, I DARE, DOUBLE DOG DARE you to do walking lunges down the produce aisle, how about calf raises while you read the back of the ingredients on packaged foods, if you must purchase these. Park the farthest away from the front door.
Day 4: About to shower? Drop and do 20 push ups, 20 sit ups, 20 jumping jacks, just do it. I double dog dare you.
It takes 90 days to create a habit, continue listing the days as I have started for you and take it to 90 days, soon it will be like putting your pants on in the morning.
So, instead of that shake your neighbor is trying to sell you or that diet plan you saw on the front of the magazine while you were in the check out line, start with these two small resolutions. It all starts in the mind, change the way your think and soon your entire body will change from the inside to the out. Make 2015 your year for a new you and stop with these dumb “diet” resolutions FOREVER!

Happy New Year and Happy New YOU!

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