Farmers Market Pizza

Yesterday I finished training clients just shy of 15 minutes before I had to pick Nolan up from Preschool. I was hungry and needed something to warm me up, fill me up and satisfy me. I had some gorgeous farmers market heirloom tomatoes, tons of baby kale, random cheese and a recent staple, whole wheat pita bread.

Farmers Market PIZZA:

1 heirloom tomato
1 handful of baby kale
1 slice of swiss cheese
1 whole wheat pita bread
Drizzle of aged balsamic

Start with sauteing your baby kale in a pan, then slice and place tomatoes on your pita, pile the sautéed kale on top of tomatoes, add your slice of cheese and stick in the oven at 375, until the bread is crispy and cheese is melted. When it comes out drizzle some aged B.V. I used my tangerine infused from my balsamic company that I broker for the Four Seasons. I can get you any kind, just ask!


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