Sweet and Crunchy Summer Salad

I’ve been encouraging my clients to eat more salads for lunches, the one thing most of them need in their salad is a nice crunch. How do you get a crunch without the added calories? JICAMA!!  

What you need:

1 Jicama

3 mangos

1/4 red onion

5-6 mint leaves

2 limes

Start with peeling the jicama skin off, cut or shave your jicama really really thin. Next, dice your mango, slice your red onion really thin and chop your mint. Mix everything together with the juice of 2 limes. 

Enjoy this salad as your main course or a side dish to any lean grilled meat. If you make this your main squeeze add an avocado, some pepita seeds or nuts and you have LUNCH! 

The jicama is a great addition to any salad you make, it takes on the flavor of virtually anything. With one cup of jicama sitting at 11g of carbs, this is a super healthy addition!

Happy Summer!

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