This Vietnamese salad is one of my favorites in the summertime. I made it super colorful and lean for all of you and the kiddos to dive into.

What you need:

Brown Rice Vermacelli noodle (can be found at Korean markets OR big box grocery store)

2 zucchini

3-4 thin cut chicken breasts

1/2 red bell pepper, thin cut

1/4 chopped red cabbage

1 head of green lettuce, chopped

1/2 sliced cucumber

2 tbsp chopped peanuts

2 diced green onion

1 container of pickled daikon and carrots (can be found in the deli section of the Korean market on North Lamar)

1 tbsp braggs

1 tbsp of sweet chili garlic sauce (can be found at most local grocery stores on the international aisle)

Start with sautéing your chicken breasts in a cast iron with a little S&P. Then, chop your lettuce, slice your red bell pepper, slice your cucumber, chop your red cabbage, dice your green onion and chop your peanuts.  Then, if you have a spiralizer, spiralize your 2 zucchini. The zucchini zoodle is the secret here, you will cook less noodles and add the zoodles in with the noodles, making this less carby.

Once the chicken has finished cooking, turn the stove off and take them out of the cast iron and add the zoodles (zucchini noodles) to the cast iron. Doing this helps the zoodles soak in the chicken juice and it cooks a little in the warm cast iron. Next, start boiling your water for the noodles.

Once your noddles are finished cooking…

Assemble you bowl, start with brown rice noodles on the bottom along with your zoodles, then get creative and pile it all in. Drizzle your 1 tbsp per person of sweet chili garlic sauce and 1 tbsp of braggs on top. 


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