Lets Talk Stress…

Last week I learned from an acupuncturist that I am stressed out, I personally had no idea. My stress is the day to day kind of stress, which in itself is still stress. I am 100% satisfied with every area of my life, I don’t feel stressed and that’s because I internalize it. Stress can affect many of your working organs, causing them to not function properly or creating other small ailments.

Ignoring your stress triggers is not worth all of the other side effects that come with it, lack of sleep, body aches, interal and external misfunctionings. Since learning this about myself I took a few steps to decrease my stress triggers, so that my body can function properly. I posted the organ system chart for you to look at, notice what important roles our organs have. We all have stress in our life, how we manage it could change your life for the better. Our bodies are magical machines that should be able to heal on their own, if we don’t damage them too much. Here are some of my personal steps to decrease stress in order to cool down my over heated organs:

*Practicing Mindfulness (thank you mom for teaching me this one, she’s my personal Buddha)

    *Work smarter not harder (I’m type A so this is a biggie)

*Meditate daily

*Yoga weekly

What can you do to manage your stress better? I would love to hear from you 1-1 or on this forum. What are your stress triggers and how can you better manage those. Is it walking your dog? Is it reading a book under a tree? Is it not checking your social media accounts every 32 seconds, who cares what, who and how is going on.

I started all of those things last week and have continued this week. Over the weekend my husband told me that I seem calmer and clearer, I feel it! I have more energy, I’m not short tempered, I’m enjoying all of the mindful moments. It really is a mind over matter practice. Stress will kill you one day at a time, is it really worth it? Take a step back and make one positive change to help decrease your stress and then check in with yourself to see how you fell. Remember, one day at a time, one step at a time.


2 thoughts on “Lets Talk Stress…

  1. Henderson says:

    Sorry, just missed your call as i ran to phone half dressed..have appt today with new family dr..a woman..i’ve been walking again to help heart get back to regular beats..was irregular probably from too much stuff at the gym..but it’s starting to heat up again so i’ll be back inside just less radically trying to make for lost time..i’ll call after dr.appt….m

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