Vegetable Bolognese over Roasted Butternut Squash

Lean mean veggie bowl…

Before you bawk at it, eat it. This is nothing but yumminess. Very low in protein, so you can add a lean meat, quinoa or a legume if you would like. Me, I just wanted straight veggies.

Vegetable Bolognese over Roasted Butternut Squash:

Often times you have random veggies in your veggie drawer, when this happens I make vegetable bolognese.

My random veggie’s:

Mushroom (like 8 hanging on for dear life)

Brussels sprouts

Leftover sliced bell peppers (my usual go to snack in the fridge)

1/2 of a yelow onion

Leftover bag of artichoke hearts

Carrots (another go to snack that I always have pre-cut)

2 zucchini (also hanging on for dear life)



1 Butternut squash

First, I shaved the skin off of the butternut squash, cut in half long ways and scooped out the seeds. Next, you lay it face down and cut into cubes, roast at 375 until you can stick a fork in it and its soft.

Next, the veggie bolognese. This was a great cleaning of the veggie drawer. First I sauteed the garlic that I choped up, then I tossed in the chopped onion, next went the mushrooms, bell pepper, carrots and brussels sprouts. Last I threw in the zuchini and artichoke hearts. I allowed everything to cook together until most veggies were done. I had half of a jar of marinara sauce and I added that to the veggies and allowed everything to simmer on low, tossing in some dried basil and oregano.

When the squash was finished I pulled it out and salt and peppered them. When we were ready to eat we put the veggie bolognese on top of the squash with some shaved parmigiana reggiano.



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